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Much Ado About Nothing / The Classics Theatre Project


"It is charming and authentic, and under McMinn's direction, the actors' mastery of Shakespeare's language brings the play to life.


The ensemble is strong overall and delivers the humor of the play from the outset. McMinn has included musical interludes and, continuing with the 1990’s theme, has chosen popular pop songs from the period to act as commentary or transition from one scene to the next. McMinn’s adaptation of the play gets to the heart of the story, with the themes of friendship and entertainment most apparent."

-Dallas Art Beat

Twelfth Night / Illinois State University

 "...a new spin on one of the Bard’s most gender-bending comedies, with its unique homage to the French Bohemian artists of the 1890s."


"Director Nic McMinn artfully weaves the free-living style of the Bohemians throughout."

-The Pantagraph

The Taming of the Shrew / Breckenridge Backstage Theatre


"McMinn’s direction of the show is aimed at extracting all of the comic opportunity from it, and as such this is a particularly funny Shrew."

-OnStage Colorado

Machinal / Illinois State University

 "Under the direction of Nic McMinn, the production is an all-encompassing theatrical experience."

-The Pantagraph

The Liar / Illinois State University

 "Sometimes you just need to laugh — out loud — with a snort thrown in for good measure. If that sounds like just what the doctor ordered, than look no further than the current production at Illinois State University's Westhoff Theatre, "The Liar" by David Ives... Director Nic McMinn gives his talented ensemble a wide berth and they successfully find and deliver every bit of humor."

-The Pantagraph

I love you, Honey Bunny / Rite of Passage Theatre

 "The giddy high of their rediscovered relationship wafted into the audience and left people talking to strangers, as if relationships were worth the risk again."

-Dallas Morning News

"I Love You, Honey Bunny is a two-person show written and performed by the husband-and-wife team of Thomas and Sherry Jo Ward through their Rite of Passage Theatre. It's funny, dark, honest view of marriage under stress goes a little Bananas with a Woody Allen-like twist. What sets it apart is the powerful, unsentimental way the show treats disability in a story about a marriage counseling session, with an invisible therapist hopelessly out of touch with the couple’s real needs."



It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Christmas / Nouveau 47

"This conventional comic book tale is played with gleeful hokum."

-Theatre Jones

"It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Christmas, directed by McMinn, is the best of the night ... and get(s) big laughs with the whimsical dialogue..."

-Dallas Observer


No Season / Nouveau 47

"No Season is the most subtle of these dramas, taking us through a conversation where so much of the pain is buried, and love between brothers barely perceivable. It's dry, brilliant and excruciating."


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